I am happy to see every participant of the project have become friend. I am under the impression that the project, which had been carried on under the name of the Asia Youth Environment Experience Mountaineering, was given a good opportunity such as mountains, beautiful natures and convenient facilities of HK.

For the activities in nature observation, we could experience exceptional wonderful activities, but I feel that we should have put more tangible efforts for educational sides for reservation of nature and environmental protection.

I enjoyed, but was sorry to see rubbishes along hiking routes such as abandoned food cans, PET bottles, etc. With such beautiful sceneries around me, such rubbishes made a strong contrast, and at the same time I felt guilty of myself who dared not pick them up. I am wondering why I did not collect those rubbishes on the way to put in polybags which I used to do.

Anyway, I am very happy to have had an opportunity in spending wonderful days with those participants of the project, and would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to my friends in HK who led this project successful.

Date: 29 December. 2003
Tadanori Kanzaki